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you may not be familiar with the four core in business aviation options.

here are my guide for a different program you can choose.

On demand charter : You can search online or call a broker if you need to scrutinize the options for safety record of the experience of the pilots who will fly with you and any restriction covering pets, ammunition or sporting equipment.

Designed from 1-30 hours a year ,EU ,Africa, South America ,UAE’

Jets Cards : The benefit is that each program has standards for sourcing aircraft and experiences record for pilots as well as policies regarding pets or unaccompanied minor.

This program pays as you go jet cards mean you must pay a deposit is the same as a debit card - about price plus munis from €12000 up to €1 million and then your amount will be deducted any time you use an aircraft.

I will suggest you the best program fits your needs (contact me to know more about)

Designed from 60 hours for the EU & 40hours to Africa , South America and UAE’s and plus /year.

Ownership leasing : With fractional Jet ownership, is very flexible for business as a leisure traveler, means owning an aircraft, this program fits needs for someone how travel more than 50 hours a year.

Full aircraft ownership :You probably want to buy a plane, it means decide to charter it or not. you would need to hire a management company. I will provide you an experienced aviation lawyer and consultant who will help you understand the rules and contracts in private aviation.

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