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Why should CEO or business people need private jet? 

Private Jet is really a time machine can save a lot of time  and they can be in touch  with their offices and use their telephones and computer during a trip. Well ''Instead of being out of a touch, they can be productive, "Baugniet  Said.

He gave an example of a business trip he took a year ago from Savannah to Geneva on a commercial airline.

"First thing I had to do was get to the airport an hour and a half before I leave, then flew to Atlanta, wait for three hours for a connecting flight, which took me to Paris and then I took a flight from Paris to Geneva. Twenty-three hours later, I got to the hotel," he said. He caught a ride home on a demonstration plane that had been in Geneva for a trade show, "and nine hours after I left Geneva I was at my desk working, and my luggage was with me," he said.