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If your are planning flying a private Jet once with out to be rock star, billionaire business magnate or guardian freelancer, you can probably dream of travelling by private jet, and experiences of flying will no doubt involve brutal late or early-morning check-in ,delay etc..But there is another way ,to make your dream happens ,you need to book an empty legs.

’’ Empty legs’’ are private jet flights where happens to be nobody on board, realising that their aircraft have to return to bas at some point and often to so without the passenger on board ,have taken to offering these return ‘’empty ‘’legs for cut-price rates .-about flexibility is just show up 1 days before take -off but ,some off even 1 week before like our private jet charter

The fares still aren’t exactly cheap, but if you are filling an eight-to 10 seat light aircraft ,they suddenly come tumbling down into the more affordable realms of the easyJet class.

The big question , there is catering, Champagne ? And even you can take with you a pet but you must to request to them before booking your fly.

Why should CEO or business people need private jet? 

Private Jet is really a time machine can save a lot of time  and they can be in touch  with their offices and use their telephones and computer during a trip. Well ''Instead of being out of a touch, they can be productive, "Baugniet  Said.

He gave an example of a business trip he took a year ago from Savannah to Geneva on a commercial airline.

"First thing I had to do was get to the airport an hour and a half before I leave, then flew to Atlanta, wait for three hours for a connecting flight, which took me to Paris and then I took a flight from Paris to Geneva. Twenty-three hours later, I got to the hotel," he said. He caught a ride home on a demonstration plane that had been in Geneva for a trade show, "and nine hours after I left Geneva I was at my desk working, and my luggage was with me," he said.